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Servo Drive

Servo Drive (APD-VK Series)

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Servo Drive (APD-VK Series)

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 Model Number


APD - VS150N

  • Display the current status information
  • saving the menu data & download function
  • Display the motor speed & torque with a graph
  • Easy changing of mode & menu data
  • Display function of Alarm status
  • Operation handling function by using communication protocol
  • Data editing gunction by using cimmumication-code
  • Auto Jog operation test function
  • PC Specifications : Window98, WindowXP


External Dimension

Ratings and Characteristics

Servo Drive
Input Power (★Note1) Signal Phase AC200~230[V] +10%-15%,
Frequency 50/60[Hz]
Voltage Type 3phase sine wave PWM drive AC Servo Motor
Rated Current [A] 1.2
Max. Current[A] 3.6
Encoder Standard : Incremental 5V
Line Driver 15 2,500[P/R]
SA Series Motor : 2,048[P/R]
Input Frequency 500 [kpps] Line Driver, 200[kpps] Open Collector
Input Pulse Type A+BPhase, Forward/Reverse Pulse, Direction+Pulse
[Line Driver, Open Cillector]
Input Pulse 5[V] Line Drver, 24[V] Open Collector
Speed Control mode Range Of Speed Control 1:10,000
Accel/Decel Time Linear or "S" Shape
Accel/Desel, 0~10,000[ms], 1[ms] Units can be set seperately
Inside Communication Digital 4 Speed (1/50~50), gear ratio setting, selecting & Accurate adjusting of digital 4speeds
Setting Communication 500[kpps]
Option Handy Loader
Embedded Function Generative Braking Standard Embedded
[Operated at Servo Alarm or Servo OFF]
Regenerative Braking Option
Electronic Gear Ratio 99,999/99,999
Times of Command Pulse is Possible
Feedback Pulse Dividing From 1to 16, Selection Division is possible/Sone Driver A/B/Z Phase, Open Collector Z Phase Output
Contacts Logic Selecting A/B contact (Input/Output Contacts) function
Monitor Digital Display Built in 7 - Segments[1Digits]
Analong Output DC 5[V]~ +5[V], 2Channels [Speed, Torque, etc]
Protect Funstion Items Displayed Overcurrent, Overload, Overvoltage, Voltage shortagd, Overspeed, Wrong wiring, Encoder problem.
Momory Dapacity Can save memory The alarm upto 20 times including the current alarm occurred
Ambient Environment Temperature 0~50[°C]
Humidity Less than 90[%]
(Avoid Condensation0
Atmoshere indoors, No corrosive gas, Inflammable gas and fluid, Oil Mist, or dust

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